ScooterJ's Cache Icons

Feel free to steal any of these you like for your own use. (Only a few of these are my original creations, most were created by other people for free use and are based on common park icons.) The definitions for each icon are my own suggestions, feel free to customize them to fit your needs. (Though some degree of standardization will make these icons more useful.)

Not available year-round, see cache description for details
Restricted hours - see cache description for details
Fee area - see cache description for details
Accessible area
May or may not be accessible depending on abilities
Disabled access not available
Bicycles permitted on paths (or suggested)
Bicycles not permitted on paths
Leashed dogs are welcome
Off-leash dog area
Dogs are not permitted
Less than 500 ft. from car to cache
500 ft. to 1 mile from car to cache
More than 1 mile from car to cache
Steep hills
Drinking water or refreshments available
No drinking water available
Restrooms available
No restrooms available
Off-trail hiking permitted (or required)
Off-trail hiking not permitted
Easy climbing required
Skilled climbing required
Wading may be necessary
Flashlight required
Long pants are strongly suggested
Hunting in area - use caution
Dangerous area - supervise children closely
Miscellaneous information (defined by you)